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Tell me a little bit about Artistree

At Artistree we specialize in quality custom framing, digital imaging, and photo printing. Digital imaging essentially means that we change pretty much anything about a photo, whether that be touching up the photo, photo restoration, or enlarging it. We can remove or add anything from a photo as well. As graphic designers, we can pretty much do anything your heart desires. We also sell arts and crafts by local artists. Artistree also has a custom art station where customers can create their own artwork by using service provided by our digital imaging studio.


How long have you been a tenant at Lansdowne?

About 8 or 9 years now.

What do you love most about the surrounding community and Lansdowne Centre itself?

Lansdowne is a very unique place because it made of mostly smaller stores and not big chains. I find that this makes it a lot more interesting to come and shop in. The fact that we sell pieces of art from local artists really connects us with the community. Every year, we hold an art exhibition located in centre court right here at Lansdowne to showcase the talent of local artists which is very well received by the community. Some of my favourite themes from past exhibitions have included iconic women, and last years theme was Earth’s Story – Nature & Wildlife.


What would you say your most popular service is?

Customer framing remains our most popular service. We have professionally trained custom design consultants who are experts in their field. They work with customers to create absolutely incredible frame designs, whether you are trying to frame a family photo or a drawing by Matisse himself. The framing services we provide include custom or archival framing, canvas stretching, and plaque mounting. My favourite service, other than the fact that we display and sell other artist’s work, would be the photo restoration. There is nothing quite like someone bringing in an old photo that really looks its age and us being able to bring the image back to its former quality.