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Core Games


Tell us about Core Games.

We are a gaming store that specializes in board games, card games, collectors items such as Star Wars, Transformers, Ricky & Morty which is very popular currently, and other miscellaneous!

How long have you been at Lansdowne Centre?

We have been at Lansdowne Centre for approximately three years now.

What do you love most about Lansdowne Centre & the community?

Lansdowne is very open and accessible, a place where people come to enjoy their time. Everyone is friendly and easy to get along with!

What would you say your most popular product or game is?

For us, that depends on the season. Overall I would say Magic, The Gathering is extremely popular. Every three months, Magic will release a new expansion set, and we have a lot of loyal customers wanting to keep up with the game.

How would you describe Magic, the Gathering?

It’s a collectable card game played with two or more players playing either ‘constructed’ or ‘limited’ game form. We actually host Friday Night Magic tournaments at 6:00pm!

What is a fun fact about Core Games?

We actually carry a lot of unique items you wouldn’t find commonly – like the giant Marshmallow man in our display, Rick & Morty board games, lots of Pokemon products, and more. Our prices are competitive and we take pride in the work we do every day!