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Green Town Nutrition

Tell me a little about Green Town Nutrition

Our store provides health and nutrition-related products to get customers on the road to feeling and looking like their best selves. From health and nutrition like vitamins and antioxidants to organic beauty products such as natural skincare, we want you to make yourself the number 1 priority. Our bodies react best to organic products, so to support one’s health it is crucial to take supplements and products that come from natural ingredients.

 How long have you been a tenant at Lansdowne Centre?

We’ve been a tenant at Lansdowne around three years now and love it.

 What do you love the most about the surrounding community and Lansdowne Centre?

We love this community we are fortunate enough to be a part of. I love being in Richmond, just outside the fast pace of downtown of Vancouver simply because it’s a little bit slower paced which means that we can spend more time helping each customer, answering their questions and getting them the best products. Lansdowne centre is great and you feel a real sense of community pride from it. It’s a bonus that we are located right next to Toys “R” Us because all the moms and dads that have just got done shopping for the little ones can come right in and find something for themselves.

 What is your most popular product and what would you recommend to customers?

One of our most popular products is our mineralized alkaline water stick. It’s made of stainless steel and contains naturally occurring compounds. It makes the water less acidic which provides a whole slew of benefits including soothing acid reflux, increased oxygen levels, improved energy, and much more. It is a very popular product and one of my favourites for sure.

What makes your store different from others in the same field?

The staff and I here at Green Town Nutrition truly believe that beauty starts from the inside out. Our mission, above all else, is to provide customers with the best products and knowledge. We’re trying to match you up with the products that best fit what you are looking for. Our product collection is hand-selected to offer customers products that they know and love but, most importantly, WORK. Something that also makes us different, I think, is the knowledge and passion that each of our employees is equipped with. They never just stand behind the desk, they always go out on the floor and assist people with whatever it is they are looking for. Great value and knowledge is important to us.