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Tell us about Real Organics & Naturals House?

Real Organics & Naturals House was founded by our CEO in 2008 and from 2008 onwards, she put a medical team together to develop unique formulas for all our products. As a health store, we want to differentiate ourselves by being our own brand, 90% of the products in the store we manufacture ourselves. We are most proud of the health products because we put a lot of time and research into it.

2008 to 2016 was all research and development. Developing our Target Health Boosters, technology for Chaga and formulas for Beauty Secret. In 2016, the CEO re-branded the company to create Real Organics & Natural House and since, we started selling our products on e-commerce websites and then opened our first location here in Lansdowne Centre in June 2017.

Whats your favourite part about Lansdowne Centre & the Community?

It’s nice and central, Richmond is the heart of Lower Mainland. It is central and draws people from all over the place.

What’s your most popular product and what do you recommend to customers?Chaga Coffee

Chaga is our flagship product for the store, it’s the one we are the proudest of! it’s a medicinal wild mushroom that grows in Canada and we put it through a dual extraction process to obtain the most medicinal ingredients. Chaga is one of the most popular products out there for boosting immunity and it’s good for anti-aging, so skin enhancement. It has good anti-cancer properties for tumour prevention, its good for lowering cholesterol; we have done small studies that have shown it can lower cholesterol and modulate blood pressure. It’s definitely a super food and it is gaining recognition. A lot of people who currently take Chaga boil it in tea and it is a 6 to 8-hour process and you don’t get all the medicinal ingredients that we get with the dual extraction process, so that’s the product I would recommend!

A couple other products that are popular are our Fatty Liver Protector and Eye-Shield.  Our Eye Protection Formula is very popular, nowadays with everyone staring at their screens it’s easy for eyes to get dried out. Our customers find it has made it easier to look at a computer screen all day; their eyes are less dry and sore at the end of the day. It strengthens eye capillaries and protects against macular degeneration.

Which has the most unique ingredients?

That’s tough, with the Targeted Health Boosters, we try to improve what’s on the market. For example, lets take our Eye-Shield, there are a lot of eye-shield formulas out there and a lot of them have Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are two popular eye products. Our medical team could research what was already being done and develop a better product, so we included selenium, astaxanthin and bilberry which are all natural and food based ingredients.

What do you want people to know about Real Organics & Naturals House?

I am proud to work for a store that is health conscious. I believe in an organic and natural lifestyle and a lot of people are moving towards that. They want to buy local and they want to know what they are putting in their body. It’s good to have organic food, we have a great selection of organic foods and supplements.

For more information on what products they carry check out https://realhouse.tips/