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The Clock Gallery

Tell me about The Clock Gallery

We’re the only clock store of this kind in the Greater Vancouver Area or on the West Coast. New, vintage, and antique. We currently have over about 40 grandfather clocks in the store and, to complement them, we also have beautiful wall clocks, mantel clocks, clocks dating back 200- 250 years and, of course, modern ones. We try to feature mostly European clocks as our clientele prefers such. Clocks range anywhere from $10 to $40,000.

How Long Have you been a tenant at Lansdowne?

We’ve been in the mall since the early 80’s, coming up on 40 years, not quite the oldest tenant.

What do you love about the surrounding community and Lansdowne in particular?

Well, Lansdowne is an older mall, and I’ve seen major changes from a more rural area to now more urban. It’s been great watching it grow. The slower-paced atmosphere is perfect for our demographic.

What’s your favourite clock?

Oh my goodness, I don’t think I could pick one. Every week there is a different favourite. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive either, the beauty and workmanship that is put into them is what matters most. Some of these old French clocks are just marvelous, stunningly cut out of marble, jade, brass, and bronze. People come into the store and compare it to a museum. When kids come in with their parents or grandparents, they have huge smiles on their faces because it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before. The cuckoo clocks are their favourites and have such a long history which started in the Black Forest, Germany.

Why clocks?

When you think of something like an iPhone, where is it in two years? It doesn’t last. Whereas if you buy a beautiful clock or piece of furniture, it appreciates in value. Most things these days have a lifespan of five to ten years before it is in the garbage. Your grandmother used to buy a refrigerator it would last 50 years. The quality of things has gone downhill, but it’s different for beautiful furniture and clocks. If you want a five dollar clock you go to a big chain store and in a month you’ll be buying another one. If you want something that lasts you have to invest.