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Broadway Camera


Can you tell us a little about Broadway Cameras?

Well, we’ve been in this location for about six or seven years. The chain has been around since the 90s, starting off on Broadway Street. We carry a wide range of cameras for everybody, from the beginner photographer to the experienced cameraman.

What do you love most about Lansdowne Centre and the community?

Lansdowne is a very convenient location, a lot of our customers stop by because of how accessible it is. None of our customers feel like they have to fight traffic to find us here!

What is one of your most popular products?

Well, cameras are very personable. Everyone needs something unique for them. If you look at Nikon, Canon, and Sony there is such a broad range. We like to get to know the customer a little and recommend a few options for them that we think would suit their needs best.

What’s your favorite?

I like a traditional DSLR, because they are good for keeps. If you need to take a picture of something you want to keep for a long time, DSLRs are able to quickly capture a moment in time, in high-quality form. It’s also the camera I grew up on and that my Dad taught me!