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The Food Garden at Lansdowne Centre!

The Food Garden at Lansdowne Centre is a project where fresh veggies grown in planters in our east and west parking lots, are donated to a local food charity to help feed Richmond families in need. Take a look at the video below for more details.

From now until Fall, we’ll be harvesting crops and showing you what’s growing in the garden! We’re also doing some cooking – fresh from the garden! Take a look at our video diaries and our cooking segments below, and if you have anything from a large garden, to a tiny window box, there’s always something you can do to grow something fresh, to help our pollinators, and to eat food straight from the ground!

Cooking at the Food Garden at Lansdowne Centre

In the first of our Lansdowne Centre Food Garden cooking demos, Ian Lai from the Richmond Food Security Society shows us how he cooks fresh vegetables straight out of the Food Garden, adding only the freshest ingredients to make a delicious warm spot prawn salad!

In the next instalment of our three part series of cooking demos, Ian Lai shows us how he cooks zucchini corn fritters, using the vegetables freshly harvested at The Food Garden at Lansdowne Centre.

Food Garden Diaries

Check out our Food Garden Diaries! In these short videos, Sam from Victory Gardens will walk us through the garden itself, and explain her tips and tricks for growing a beautiful and healthy garden.

Food Garden Diary #1

Food Garden Diary #2

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